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negotiate sales commission plan

How to Ask for a New Sales Commission Plan [Advice for Sales Reps]

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What the biggest secret complaint among sales reps (that nobody is talking about)?  Most sales commission plans stink. Reps don’t necessarily expect a higher base pay. But they do expect their incentive pay to match their sales performance.

The Internet offers loads of advice on how to ask for a pay raise. As a sales rep though, you’ll probably run into some unique challenges when you approach your employer about compensation.

setting sales quotas for geographic territories

Sales Manager Debate: Setting Sales Quotas for Individual Reps

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At Cornerstone, there’s nothing we love more than a good sales compensation debate. And after several decades we’ve enjoyed some heated ones—amongst ourselves and with business leaders in our networks.

A favorite topic of debate: setting sales quotas for individual reps.

Do individualized quotas make you nervous? Are you worried about upsetting your top performers?

sales technology

Sales Technology: Do Sales Rep Tracking Apps Go Too Far?

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Over that past several decades, sales technology hasn’t just changed the playing field; it has redefined the game. Today’s sales teams leverage high-powered tools to attract, engage, and organize sales opportunities throughout the pipeline. Autodialing, video conferencing, computer-aided client relationship management, and our personal favorite: sales commission software… These advancements aren’t just profitable for businesses; they’re also breeding a new generation of sales rep superstars.

sales rep job offer

All About that Base? Hardly. 13 Ways to Compare Sales Rep Jobs

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Right now, there are 173,000 sales rep jobs on You’ll find nearly 150,000 listings on Meanwhile LinkedIn represents 35,000 open positions for sales representatives, with base salaries ranging from $40K to $200K.

So if you’re a sales professional who’s working with one foot out the door, it shouldn’t be difficult to find new sales rep job opportunities. The hard part is getting your hands on comparative data that really matters: a fully-detailed sales compensation plan.

comparing sales commission software

5 Factors for Comparing Sales Commission Software

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Lots of companies begin looking for sales commission software when they are expanding their sales force or rethinking their compensation plans. In both cases, it’s easy to see that Excel can’t cut it anymore.

That’s because spreadsheets aren’t just inefficient… Spreadsheets actually handcuff your ability to motivate top sales talent, to align sales goals with your company strategy, and to grow your business.

sales commission agreements to prevent lawsuits

Your Sales Commission Agreement: How to Avoid Employee Lawsuits

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We see it all the time—especially among companies with small sales teams: sloppy sales commission agreements. Unfortunately, we’re also seeing more and more cases where companies get burned by vague or poorly-written sales compensation plan documents.