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Still using spreadsheets for sales compensation plans?

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Sales Commission Software: Overview

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Sales are powered by compensation. Fuel your business with Sales Motivator®, an easier way to model, manage and communicate your sales compensation plans with 100% accuracy.

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Sales compensation everyone is sold on.

Comprehensive sales compensation plans in 3 simple steps.

Step 1


smart sales compensation plans that align with business goals.

Step 2


unique plan documents to motivate each of your reps.

Step 3


monthly plan administration and clearly calculated payouts.

Sales compensation everyone is sold on.


Imagine creating strategic sales compensation plans for a team of 20+ reps - error free, stress free, saving hours upon hours in the process.  Sales Motivator® makes this a reality. Our cloud-based software takes you through plan creation step-by-step, while enabling you to model "what-if" scenarios to forecast revenue and expenses and efficiently automate the calculation of commissions.  The results?  


- Increased sales.
- Better business visibility.
- Time saved on arduous administrative tasks.
- 100% accurate commission plans that power up performance.


It's time to say goodbye to your sales compensation nightmares -  Find out how Sales Motivator® can work for your business.



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