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Put an end to your sales compensation woes.

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Spend time on sales compensation planning, not spreadsheets.

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Customer Stories

We run at a very fast pace. Every move we make has to be efficient. Sales Motivator™ fits our model perfectly.
–Denise DeSimone, C-Leveled More

Sales Motivator™ helps a consulting company practice what it preaches.

C-Leveled needed a consistent and predictable way to create, modify, and share its sales compensation plans so it could focus on what it does best.

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Sales Motivator™ has been a huge time saver and has made me a better owner.
–Alicia Wellington, WSI Healthcare Personnel More

How Sales Motivator™ helped a healthcare firm overcome a chronic commissions problem.

WSi Healthcare Personnel created a healthier business by adopting a smarter, more efficient sales compensation approach.

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Sales compensation everyone is sold on.

Comprehensive sales compensation plans in 3 simple steps.

Step 1


smart sales compensation plans that align with business goals.

Step 2


unique plan documents for each rep.

Step 3


monthly plan administration and payouts.

Sales compensation everyone is sold on.


Create effective sales compensation plans and save time on plan administration with Sales Motivator™. The cloud-based software takes you step-by-step through plan creation, lets you model "what-if" scenarios to forecast revenue and expenses, and automates the calculation of commissions. The results: increased sales, better business visibility, and time saved on administrative tasks.


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Take a look at our Five Simple Steps For More Effective Sales Compensation Planning.  Six, if you count clicking "Download."
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If seeing is believing, take a look at our video demo and see why Sales Motivator is your escape from Excel Hell. 
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See how Sales MotivatorTM made WSi Healthcare Personnel a healthier business. 
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